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Email Guardian
EG - Client Ed.
EG - Enterprise Prof.

Multiple domains


Email Guardian recognises that you selected John from Innovation Software when you should have selected John from Innovation Media, and will notify that the contact does not match with the other domains selected to send to.

Protect client confidentiality

On hitting send, email guardian will display a list of all sendees to whom you have addressed your email, showing their full name, organisation for which they work and full email address. There is even the option to include a photograph too. These are shown by To, CC, and BCC. If you have made a mistake, you have the opportunity to go back to correct or delete the contacts who should not have been included.

Duplicate contact names

If you are sending to a single contact but there are more than one contacts in your your address book with the same name, email guardian will intelligently prompt you to check that the address you selected is the one you intended.

Sleep on it

Sometimes emails are just better sent in the morning. With Time Bars you can set time restrictions to limit when an email can be sent as, let’s face it, we don't always make the best decisions when we are tired or up against a tight deadline.

Total Recall

Outlook’s “Recall” functionality isn’t very instant at all. With our Emergency Recall button, no time is lost trying to find this function. Clear, easily accessible and highly visible.

Spelling & Grammar

E-mail Guardian will tell you how many spelling and, or, grammatical errors there are in your e-mail, giving you the chance to correct these before it’s too late.

Intelligent Prompts

Configure your own intelligent prompts such as “Do you need to append an attachment?”, “Have you checked your attachment is correct?”, “Have you spell checked your e-mail?”. You can create as many “compliance intervention” prompts as you think you will need, and you can change or delete them at any time.

Seamless Integration

Create Outlook Tasks directly from your email. No need to come out of Mail and load Tasks separately.

Seamless Integration

E-mail Guardian is a fully integrated Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, checking every outgoing email as you hit the “Send” button. It is designed for use internationally, Internationalised and automatically adopts both your Outlook and Regional Settings.

Here's how it works:
  • Automatically track and save email replies
  • Reduce administration
  • Save on time
  • Ensure your emails are secure

Sending an email is something most of us do at least 20 times a day. Personal and company credibility depend on us getting them right. There's nothing worse than hitting send only to realise something is wrong when it is all to late.

We're all familiar with these scenarios, the email that's sent late at night in a haste to meet a client deadline only to find that you wished you had slept on it. The email that's littered with overlooked spelling or grammar mistakes. The email that sent without the attachment with the all too embarrassing follow-up, "now with document attached". And then of course, there's the ultimate e-sin, sending the wrong email to the opposing side in a litigation case, take over deal or any other highly sensitive matter.

What if you could stop these scenarios from happening?


Well with Email Guardian Client you can significantly reduce the odds of making these mistakes again.

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