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Automatically track and save email replies | Reduce administration | Save time | Secure


E-mail Tracker reduces the time required to find information in important emails, leaving your team more time  to focus on operations and reduce administration by enabling users to set replies to an e-mail to be tracked automatically, and stored in the appropriate Client Communications History record in their CRM system.

Key Benefits

  • Fully Integrated into Outlook and checks every incoming email
  • No lost information, as all replies to emails you select for tracking are stored securely within your CRM database
  • Scans inbound e-mail properties (Category, GUID, Subject etc.) to determine if it is a reply to an e-mail sent from your CRM
  • At the time of sending an e-mail via Outlook, users can elect to have a task generated automatically from email replies

E-mail Tracker

£19.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price
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