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What would happen if you sent an email to the wrong recipient?

It's a mistake that over 70% of us have admitted to, with the majority of these incidents occurring in the workplace. With an ever increasing need to share highly sensitive information electronically - this simple act of human error can mean much more than embarrassment. It can cost the reputation of an organisation, the trust of a client and even somebody's job.

Ever since email was first invented back in the 1970s our method of sending and receiving electronic messages has little changed. In fact, rather ironically, with the introduction of user-efficiency tools such as Auto-correct and Reply All, it has actually become a lot easier to make an email blunder.

That is until now. Innovation Software are proud to announce the launch of our latest product: Email Guardian - here to protect you from sending emails to the wrong recipient, assist you to be GDPR compliant, and much, much more.

With editions for Personal and Corporate use, the Enterprise edition protects you from embarrassments sent from your corporate domain with highly effective blocking.

Features include:

Check Contact

Check you selected the correct contact before sending - for when you need a second chance

Sleep On It

Set time restrictions to limit when emails can be sent - for when you need a voice of reason.

Total Recall

Recall unread emails more instantly than instant - for when you need a miracle.

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