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Email Guardian. 
EG - Client Ed.
EG - Enterprise Prof.

Multiple domains


Email Guardian recognises when you are sending to recipients from multiple domains - giving you the chance to review your contacts and ensure you have selected the right people before hitting send.

Protect client confidentiality

On hitting send, Email Guardian will display a list of all recipients to whom you have addressed your email, displaying: their full name, email address and option to include a photograph. These are shown by: To, CC, and BCC - if you have included someone you were not supposed to you have the opportunity to add, remove and correct.

Duplicate contact names

If you are sending to a single contact but there are more than one contacts in your your address book with the same name, Email Guardian will intelligently prompt you to check that the address you've selected is the one you intended.

Sleep on it

Sometimes emails are just better sent in the morning. With Time Bars you can set time restrictions to limit when an email can be sent - preventing you from sending an embarrassing email that could have waited until morning.

Total Recall

Outlook’s “Recall” functionality isn’t very instant at all. With our Emergency Recall button, no time is lost trying to find this function. Clear, easily accessible and highly visible.

Spelling & Grammar

Email Guardian will tell you how many spelling and, or, grammatical errors there are in your email, giving you the chance to correct these before it’s too late.

Seamless Integration

Fully integrated Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, checking every outgoing email before you save it to your DMS and hit send. Internationalised for both language and regional settings.

Here's how it works:
  • Never send an email to the wrong recipient 
  • Never send another late-night email you'll regret
  • Recall more instantly than instant
  • Review your spelling before you click send
  • Integrate seamlessly 

We've all done it - because it's just so easy to do - sent an email to someone that you shouldn't have. And that cringe-worthy feeling once you realise the mistake you've just made can't be fixed - it's simply not worth thinking about.

For most of us, sending an email is a ritual we practice on average 20 times per day. In the business world it is certainly our preferred method of communication - we could almost do it with our eyes shut.

Ever since email was first conceived back in 1972, our method of sending and receiving mail has not changed. In fact the chances of making an email mistake have actually increased due to the introduction of auto-complete - the obscuring of email addresses to reveal friendly names, and convenience features such as Reply All.

That is until now. Email Guardian is here to put a stop to making email mistakes. Full stop.

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