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The Team.
Our team 

Russell J.S. Lyons
Chairman & Co-founder

A pioneer in the field of personal computing when he co-founded Torch Computing and again with the Innovation Software suite that was way ahead of its time, Russell advises on company strategy and growth.

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Matthew Perrin



Mathew is lead architect and developer for Email Guardian. He is a self confessed AI nerd with a passion for software engineering, he has quickly become an integral member of the Email Guardian team.

Caroline Lyons
Director & Co-founder

Email Guardian sparked from a conversation on shared experiences about sending emails to the wrong recipients. With a background in business strategy, branding and communications - Caroline is responsible for the brand and heads up business development.

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Ben Bays 
Junior Developer

Ben joined our team as an apprentice and has grown rapidly into his role as a developer of

Email Guardian. With a keen eye for detail Ben has spent a lot of his time stylising the product and designing a rich user interface.

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